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You know how all those cleaning products in your house say things like “danger, keep away from children” and “if ingested call poison control immediately!”? If these products are actually dangerous, then why on earth are we rubbing them all over every surface of our homes? *Scratches head.*

Organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) have even done studies to show just how bad chemical cleaners are. Here are some not-so-fun facts:

  • Conventional cleaning products emit chemicals linked to asthma, blood disorders, liver and kidney damage, developmental and reproductive harm, depression and cancer.
  • In utero exposure to cleaning products can lead to lower birth weight, lower IQ, and respiratory problems.
  • Not only do chemical cleaning products put human health at risk, but they can also harm animals and the environment. For example, triclosan, found in wipes, sponges, and soaps, can cause harm to fish when it makes its way into the water. It can also break down to form carcinogens, and it may play a role in bacterial resistance.

This is why I decided to seek alternatives to these poisonous products. Enter, Grove Collaborative. Grove is an online service committed to offering natural products for a healthy home. I am in no way being sponsored to promote Grove, I am just someone who has tried and genuinely loves their products.


There are of course many other online retailers selling natural household cleaning products, but Grove had such an awesome introductory deal that I couldn’t pass it up. With your first purchase of $20 or more, you get a free Mrs. Meyers gift set (including hand soap, dish soap, and multipurpose spray) and bamboo dish brush. At the time of my purchase, I also got a free glass spray bottle. This will surely come in handy one day, when I commit to reducing my environmental impact even further by making my own cleaning products…but today is not that day. It’s about baby steps, people!


The products I actually purchased with my order were the Mrs. Meyer’s room spray, Method wood floor cleaner, Method glass cleaner, and reusable snack bags.


If you haven’t tried them, the Mrs. Meyer’s products are amazing. They’re effective and smell fantastic. I had purchased some before, so I knew I was going to love these. Plus, Grove had a wide variety of scents available, so I got to try out a few different ones.


I also love the reusable plastic bags I got. Normally, I pack my lunch and snacks in glass containers, but when you have 3-4 glass containers in your lunch box, it can get quite heavy, so the bags are nice to have. I have been wanting some of these for a while, but they tend to be quite expensive, so I’ve never tried them before. These were fairly reasonably priced, plus since I was getting so much stuff for free, I figured, why not?


I haven’t tried out all of the other products yet, but I have high hopes for them, based on the reviews from the website. Wait, am I actually excited about cleaning? I might be losing my mind a little, so you know, take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

Grove is also a Certified B Corp, which means that it has met rigorous standards for businesses prioritizing social, environmental, and community wellbeing. They even have free carbon-offset shipping. So for every shipment, Grove saves 25 square feet of rainforest through the the Arbor Day Foundation. Pretty cool, right?

I think my only complaint about the Grove was that it seemed like a lot of the products I was interested in were out of stock, but hopefully this is just temporary. Overall, I’m really satisfied with everything, and I would order from them again! If you’re interested in checking them out, click here to get $10 off your first order.

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