Announcing The All New Better Planet Project

the better planet project

Drumroll please…with the start of 2019, I’m taking on my most ambitious project yet, and rolling out a brand new format on the blog. I’m calling it The Better Planet Project: A Year-Long Journey Toward Building a Better World.

The Better Planet Project is an approach to changing the world by changing your life. It involves identifying areas for improvement, setting goals, and carrying them out. Over the next year, I will be documenting the ways in which I attempt to make the world a better place, with a new theme every month.

For the past year or so, I have attempted to make a difference in the world through small lifestyle changes, while using this blog as a way to keep myself accountable. However, I realized that I have been lacking something—some sort of structure or framework to follow. Research shows that people are more likely to achieve their goals when they have concrete, actionable steps, a method of accountability, and positive reinforcement. So, I have devised this project as a concrete plan for living a life that reflects my values.

I already try to live better, to be kind, to do my part for the environment. But I want to do more. I want to be more methodical and purposeful in my efforts. Why? Because I can. Because I am a global citizen with a moral imperative to make the world a better place. Because I want to leave the planet better than the way I found it. Because I want to live in a better world—one that excites, stimulates, and enriches the people who live in it.

In January, I will tackle my first set of goals under a designated theme. In February, I will add on a new set of goals under a different theme, and so on. By December, I will have attempted to make the planet a better place across 12 different categories.

I hope that you will join me in whatever way you can—by following along on my journey, by keeping me accountable, or by setting your own goals for making the planet a better place. And be sure to check back here on Monday to read about my goals for the month of January!

Wishing you a year of peace, happiness, and intentional living!


5 thoughts on “Announcing The All New Better Planet Project

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