Thrift Shopping in Sun Valley, Idaho


I had no idea before visiting, but apparently the Sun Valley, Idaho area is a thrift shopper’s paradise. I was in town for a conference, and I learned that it’s quite a wealthy pocket of the country. Apparently lots of rich people have vacation homes in the area, or simply frequent the Sun Valley Resort for ski season. And when these people get tired of their fancy, designer clothes, they end up in local thrift and consignment shops. I visited several of these shops in the small town of Ketchum, near the Sun Valley Resort, and I ended up with some great bargains!

It seems that Ketchum has a consignment shop on every corner, but most of these stores carry designer duds that were way, WAY out of my price range, even second-hand! I visited Consign Design and Déjà vu, and I and promptly walked back out when I realized I couldn’t afford anything there.

Fortunately, I struck gold at the Gold Mine Thrift Store (see what I did there?). Unlike most of the stores in the area, which were consignment only, this was a true thrift shop. The shelves were packed, not just with clothes and shoes, but also with bicycles, ski equipment, glassware, books, and much more.


I got a 100% cotton J. Crew sundress for $22, and it looks brand new! There’s not a sign of wear anywhere on it, and I was amazed that it fit me perfectly! Because I’m quite tall, dresses and skirts are often too short on me, but not this one!


Speaking of skirts, I also got a 100% linen skirt for just $12. Most thrift stores are packed to the gills with fast fashion pieces made of polyester and rayon, so I was thrilled to find these high-quality items made from natural fibers.


Lastly, I got a set of eight cloth napkins for $4. I’m not sure what they’re made of, but they look like they’re in great shape. I have been wanting some cloth napkins for a while, but I’ve never seen any at thrift stores close to home. I’m glad I waited and didn’t buy them new!


Not far from Gold Mine Thrift Store, was Gold Mine Consign. They sold pricier, more high-end items than the thrift store, but they weren’t quite as fancy as some of the other consignment stores. I found this cotton, made-in-the-USA sweater/blazer hybrid. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a jacket like this for a while. It was $28 and in great shape.


Do you like to go to thrift stores when traveling? I love that I can find items that are different from what I might see at home, plus it’s far more ethical than shopping for souvenirs emblazoned with the name of the place you’re visiting, but actually made in China!

thrift shopping in sun valley

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